Lotus, it's what I do.

Back in 2008 I bought my first Elise. A magnetic blue 2005. I had already been lucky enough to get my hands on some of the first to arrive in the United States and already had the pleasure of working on a few classics. I fell in love.. took my wife on our first date in that car, autocrossed with my son at 10 days old in that car, took it to WCLM with GGLC, upgraded it's performance, raced it, loved it,  then sold it and bought 8 more. Fortunately our community is small and I was able to watch my first Elise race in multiple LCUSA races, come off the track on fire, saw the car rebuild and race again and now, 10 years later, the same Elise is once again in my possession waiting patiently to be brought back to life. 

In 2010 my wife and I opened Dietsch Werks in San Jose and

started buying Lotus cars that we could turn into race cars.

We then began renting these race cars for local private track

events and car club events as well as LCUSA and SCCA racing.


Now, in 2019, we currently have two active Lotus Elise race cars

that we can take to any track anywhere in the country.

We always participate in Golden Gate Lotus Club

(where my wife and I are members of the executive board)

track events that happen every month in Northern Ca. 

Quick background - I have been working on Lotus cars for more than a decade and a half. Over the course of 9 years my staff and I had our hands on HUNDREDS of newer model Lotus cars to include the Elise, Exige and Evora. I am tired now and semi retired. The shop, Dietsch Motorsports is currently operating in Livermore, CA under the careful and expert hands of Turbohoses staff and owner Hoover Chan. DMS is FULLY equipped to handle anything you or your Lotus wants or needs. 925-455-1066 will get you an appt with them.


I am now operating out of Eufaula, OK, where my wife and I decided to

move our family on a large piece of land so we can open an emergency animal rescue facility. I still rent my race cars, will supercharge yours if you like, will transport anywhere in the country and while I am out I may rescue a husky from a high kill shelter.


I am a one man show when it comes to the race car rentals and automotive work so please understand that I am not "fast" or "cheap" but I am ONE of the best.. wont claim to be the best, but I will tell you that I have more passion for Lotus and your relationship with your Lotus car than anyone you will ever meet. Let's chat about it.

Call or text to initiate a conversation 707-724-9250

and/or rob@lotusraceshop.com or rob@dietschwerks.com.